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  • Nick Duonnolo

    5/6/2019 1:42:13 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Wed, 02/08/17

    I can't rave enough about Bill Page & All Aboard Cruises & Travel. I originally met Bill through my then girlfriend, now wife back in 2009. He booked my first cruise I'd ever gone on. He broke down exactly what I needed to pay, exactly what was going to take place each step of the way. He was able to explain the way a cruise works and things that take place on the ship. At the time, it made no sense. But once I got on the ship, everything just kept going according to the way he said. He gave me tips & advice for once I got on the island. Suggested rental places, beaches to go to, excursions he believed I would be interested in. Let me tell you, everything he said was spot on perfect! Because of the service he & his staff provided on that first trip, we've continued to book all of our vacations through him. We go a vacation twice a year and all have been and will continue to be booked with All Aboard Cruises and Travel. Every single vacation is handled just as the first was. We even booked our honeymoon through them. I will end the same way I started...I cannot rave enough about Bill Page and All Aboard Cruises & Travel.

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