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  • Aq Q

    Mon, 09/25/17

    If you are looking for an honest straightforward travel advisor that has the ability to make recommendations without being pushy then Bill Page at All Aboard Cruises & Travel is the place to go. He has a wealth of knowledge about travel and most important he gets back to you in a timely fashion with very competitive prices. I have worked with Bill for 18 years and each an every time I call he shows the same excitement and courtesy. I have booked both personal and group travel with him. The people in my groups love dealing with him and have also booked individual travel with him. Book with him once and you will use his agency over and over again.

  • Deborah Eurie

    Wed, 09/20/17

    Your service has been quick and easy. Thanks for giving me good prices and giving me all the information that I need to make my trip better.

  • Nick Duonnolo

    Wed, 02/08/17

    I can't rave enough about Bill Page & All Aboard Cruises & Travel. I originally met Bill through my then girlfriend, now wife back in 2009. He booked my first cruise I'd ever gone on. He broke down exactly what I needed to pay, exactly what was going to take place each step of the way. He was able to explain the way a cruise works and things that take place on the ship. At the time, it made no sense. But once I got on the ship, everything just kept going according to the way he said. He gave me tips & advice for once I got on the island. Suggested rental places, beaches to go to, excursions he believed I would be interested in. Let me tell you, everything he said was spot on perfect! Because of the service he & his staff provided on that first trip, we've continued to book all of our vacations through him. We go a vacation twice a year and all have been and will continue to be booked with All Aboard Cruises and Travel. Every single vacation is handled just as the first was. We even booked our honeymoon through them. I will end the same way I started...I cannot rave enough about Bill Page and All Aboard Cruises & Travel.

  • Chrissy Smith

    Mon, 12/05/16

    Bill Page booked my wedding in Key West, Honeymoon in Barbados, as well as all of our & our families travel arrangements to Key West. He was so patient with us and made sure that I understood what was needed, and any consequences to the multitude of adjustments that I made along the way. I would definitely recommend Bill to anyone interested in booking ANY travel.

  • Richard Kowalski

    Sun, 09/24/17

    High Quality of Service

    My wife and I recently returned from from a Seattle, Vancouver, and Alaska vacation/cruise and our experience working with Bill Page and All Aboard Cruise and Travel was again simply first class. Prior to our cruise on Holland America from Vancouver to Alaska, Bill suggested accommodations at the Seattle Sheraton for 3 nights and 2 nights at the Pan Pacific hotel in Vancouver. Both hotels were luxurious, five star quality, with wonderful views. Bill registered us as VIP guests and we were treated accordingly. The 8 day cruise on the Noordam through the inside passage, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Glacier Bay was not only spectacular but we were pleasantly surprised that Bill gratuitously included the Signature Beverage Package and dinner at the Pinnacle Room as part of our cruise experience. Our entire vacation experience was wonderful thanks to Bill Page and All Aboard Cruise and Travel and we will continue to consult with Bill on all our future vacations.

  • Debbie Principati

    Thu, 09/14/17

    Great Service

    Bill was always friendly and gracious when answering my many questions about an Alaskan cruise tour. He always responded quickly and took care of all the details. I would not hesitate to recommend All Aboard Cruises and Travel and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for personal service.

  • Michele S

    Wed, 09/13/17

    Professional, competent, and efficient

    We have been with All Aboard travel for several years now and Bill Paige has always gone above and beyond. His knowledge has given us informed experiences and we have always had a great trip. I highly recommend All Aboard Travel for any destination as they make traveling efficient yet fun

  • Deanne Dabbs

    Tue, 02/28/17

    High Quality Service

    All Aboard Cruises & Travel has handled vacation travel plans quite a few times for me, with each experience being terrific! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and very helpful. Travel plans have included airline reservations, hotel/all inclusive resort reservations, cruises to the Caribbean multiple times, Alaska (including land package), Greece/Croatia/Montenegro, and transfers from plane to hotel, hotel to plane, port to hotel, and hotel to port. I can't say enough good things about Bill Page and his staff! They are terrific!!! I highly recommend them with a 5 star rating!

  • Patrickj McDonough

    Wed, 02/08/17

    Thankful service for a first time traveler

    We appreciated the patience you showed and response to our question regarding our first time cruising trip coming up in 2017. You have be very helpful in addressing our concerns by following up quickly. We are looking forward to our first trip booked through your organization. Continue showing your concern and helpfulness to your seasoned travelers as well as for newbies like us. Again, Thank You!

  • VJ Josephs

    Fri, 11/20/15

    Excellent Service

    Owner Bill Page provided excellent services with his intimate knowledge of the cruise ships and vacation destinations, when he gives information and or advise about your vacation, you can count on it.......! I love the big business deals with the personal one on one service..!

  • Eric V.

    Wed, 08/19/15

    Bill set up a once -in-a-lifetime tour of Australia for my uncle and myself. I just said where we wanted to visit and he handled everything and at a great price. I could not have been more happy. I wouldn't hesitate to use his agency for any travel needs you have.

  • Nickdthree12

    Wed, 08/19/15

    We told Bill we wanted to do a destination vow renewal for my in-laws. He recommended Beaches in Turks & Caicos. By the time we left, he had the entire trip spelled out in every little detail, so we would know what to expect. From the moment we left our driveway until we got back in our car at the airport, every detail was exactly as he planned. We even had a guest traveling with us who has special dietary needs. Every single meal was taken care of for her, in advance. This was the best trip ever! The entire family was so impressed with Bill and his planning that we immediately booked our next trip.

  • Elaine

    Wed, 08/19/15

    Bill has been arranging cruises and trips for our group for 13 years - without one problem. We have taken 3 Bermuda cruises as well as an Alaskan cruise and land tour and a New England/Canada cruise. In addition, we have taken a trip to Las Vegas. Bill has made it easy to organize a group and has met with our groups before the trip to answer any questions. He's the best travel agent ever!!

  • Glenn

    Wed, 08/19/15

    I started using ALL ABOARD CRUISES & Travel when Bill first started. I found him on the Internet doing a search on cruises and decided to give him a call even though he is in Delaware and I am in new Jersey. It turned out to be the best call I ever made he was so helpful in us making a decision on what cruise line to take and were to go on our budget. Bill was there every step of the way start to finish on our booking to after the cruise. I cruised a lot in my days and used many of travel agents and in my opinion Bill is on top of the list. I only recommend ALL ABOARD CRUISES & Travel to my friends and family and they all use him. I just can't say enough about Bill if you book though ALL ABOARD CRUISES & Travel I am sure you will be Happy.

  • Linda Mae

    Wed, 08/19/15

    I met Bill Page and his family on a cruise to Bermuda many years ago and have used his travel agency All Aboard Cruises & Travel many times since then. This last trip was spectacular! He got us beautiful accommodations at the Majestic Hotel in Barcelona (superb) for 2 days before the 12 day Mediterranean cruise we would be taking from that point on. Every aspect of the trip was taken care of...we had no problems or worries - Bill, as usual, handled everything. I would highly recommend Bill Page and All Aboard Cruises & Travel to anyone planning a trip...it's sure to be a success with them at the helm.

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