Celebration Cruise Line is South Florida's newest and best value cruise line to the Bahamas. While the cruise line is new, the office and ship staff is one of the most experienced in the industry. All of the people involved with Celebration understand how to make your Bahamas cruise a wonderful experience.

Our goal at Celebration Cruise Line was never to be the biggest cruise line to the Bahamas, only the best cruise to the Bahamas. Being the best Bahamas cruise comes from providing a memorable cruise experience at the lowest cruise prices anywhere.

Some of the nice benefits of booking a Celebration Cruise come in three different stages.First, you get to look forward to taking the cruise. Second, you get to experience all of the fun, enjoyment, action and relaxation while on the cruise. And finally, you get to relive all those great memories. Of course, the third stage usually leads to a fourth stage of booking another cruise and beginning the cycle all over again.

We very much look forward to serving you!

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